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Authenticity of Merchandise

In today's sneaker market we are all weary of the legitimacy of the products we pay great, hard earned money for. Here at Kick Cobain, we fully understand and concur with the belief and fact that, all merchandise should be manufactured to the highest standards as intended by the product artists, and the applicable Research and Development teams. We guarantee 100% authenticity of our products because we get them directly from official brand retailers locally and internationally. Furthermore, release dates are our busiest days because we are out buying sneakers. That is why we don’t sell “unauthorized” pairs. You, as our customer, will feel secure that any item you are buying HERE is a certified product of the brand and can count on us to always provide you constantly.

With that said ALL MERCHANDISE delivered to our customers is 100% Authentic. Honestly, there is nothing else to be said check our Instagram TL. Thank you.