Louis Vuitton x Supreme Keepall Bandouliere Forty Five RED / Fifty Fiv – Kick Cobain

Louis Vuitton x Supreme Keepall Bandouliere Forty Five RED / Fifty Five BLACK

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A historical collaboration – Louis Vuitton partners with Supreme to release a limited edition collection featuring clothing’s, handbags and small accessories. We’ve already spotted Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Madonna, Fedez and K-popstar Sandara Park carrying the LV x Supreme items.

It’s very common to stand in line just to get into the Supreme store. Their stock gets sold-out quickly.

The Louis Vuitton x Supreme Collection is available at eight pop-up stores in big cities. These stores are located in Sydney, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, London, Paris, Miami and Los Angeles. Due to long waiting lines, there is a ticket system installed and people can only shop for a limited amount of time. The popup stores are supposed to be open in twelve days, but Los Angeles, Miami, Beijing, Seoul, London and Paris stores are now closed because they’ve already got sold-out. The Louis Vuitton x Supreme Keepall Bandouliere features Supreme’s signature logo in white Futura Heavy Oblique font on classic Louis Vuitton Epi leather. Normally available in four different sizes, this 45 is a great weekend bag and comes with silvertone hardware, leather handles, leather name tag and a removable strap with shoulder patch, making it easy to carry anywhere you go. Epi leather, introduced 1985, became the first permanent leather collection of Louis Vuitton, and is tanned with plant extracts before dyeing. The process allows for colors as vibrant as this shade of red to stand out. Introduced in 1930, the Louis Vuitton Keepall was one of the first bags ever made by Louis Vuitton that is still in production today. Supreme debuted in 1994,140 years after Louis Vuitton was founded in Paris. Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Supreme, dubbed the “coolest streetwear brand in the world right now” by GQ was first shown at Paris Men’s Fashion Week in January 2017. The capsule collection includes clothing, accessories, shoes, trunks and leather goods. Both stylish and practical, the Louis Vuitton x Supreme Keepall Bandouliere 45 is the perfect personification of classic LV and the highly sought after Supreme brand of cool.


Size: 45 x 27 x 20 cm


LV x Supreme KeepAll 45 / 55 KeepAll Retail:

US $3650 USD
Canada $4550 CAD
China ¥28000 CNY
UK £2500 GBP
Japan ¥430920 JPY
Korea 4,370,000 WON
Australia $4800 AUD



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